Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
The town of Weston, WV.
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The Asylum - Outside    [click on the image to enlarge]
The Forensics building.View from 2nd floor front balcony.View from a 4th floor nurses apartment window.
The Asylum - Inside    [click on the image to enlarge]
Let's go in. . . .The ground floor of the main building contains a museum with interesting historical facts and momentos.  Main staircaseLooking up main staircase from 1st flloor1st floor patient roomsArtists depiction of a patient.  Many of the walls were not covered by wallpaper, but carefully stenciled patterns.The windows were designed to be reinforced with double bars [photo]. . . . . . . but looking from directly in front of the window, the double bars disappear.  This was designed to make the patients feel more at ease.  Lily's room. . . .Fire doorX-ray screen.Peep-hole in a patient door.Nurses station.Auditorium where movies were shown, and even local town events were held.  Patient/family visitation room.These were marks made by a patient on their door. . . . Coroner's offices.Scratches on a patient door. . . Violent patient room with a grated interior door and a solid metal exterior door.  Violent patient wing with solitary rooms.The apparatus on the wall was most likely used with a patient bed underneath for the purpose of restraint.  Nurses station.Patient smoking room - note the air filter/blower on the wall.Some evidence of how recent the place has been open.  There are places where the masking tape is still present which was used for various patient items.Skylight on the 4th floor.Nurses apartment window.Copper laundry chute from the 4th floor to the basement.  No one knows why it was made of copper.Decorative duct grating.  There were many throughout the building.View from a skylight of the clock tower.  DecorativeSome areas of the hospital were partitioned off, as they were unsafe, especially in the dark.Above on the ceiling is found one of the several skylights on the 4th, upper most floor.Artwork by John Martin, a patient.  (1958-1994). A confinement chair, one of the several confinement methods used.  Walter Freeman had originally used ice picks for his modified form of the leukotomy operation that he termed transorbital lobotomy. However, because the ice picks would occasionally break inside the patient's head and have to be retrieved, he had the durable orbitoclast  commissioned in 1948.At the time, “hydrotherapy” was the preferred treatment by psychiatrists working in these so-called hospitals.  Patients were subjected to both icy and hot water submersion, externally and internally, as doctors believed they could alter brain activity by changing the patient’s body temperature.Dave, (me - a little celebrity-ized) and Steve.CC The Huntress, (me - with a creepy gleam in my eye), and K.J. McCormick.Autograph line.  Note the woman in the foreground looking at me like I was a 'patient'.  Rebeca Jordan-Gleason Owner Of Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum.  Great lady and added the element of fun to the pre-hunt events!TAPS presentation was lively and there were many people who witnessed the ghostly 'hurling cookies' event during the Q&A.  Dave Tango assisting in the Q&A session.Steve Gonsalves contemplating a question. . . The Medical Building.  There was a special kind of vibe here.  Lots and lots of death.AAAAAHHHH. . . a red Dixie cup!!!!There appears to be a shadow figure at the end of the hall.  Upon closer examination, I was able to determine this was a living person.  The blue jeans gave them away.Lilly's room.  See story below.To some, this may be called a spirit orb.  The size and brightness of the circle on the door to the right appears to confirm its characteristics.  However, you can also see other 'orbs' within the frame.  This is most likely dust.  At first glance, the photo looks normal.  Look at the end of the hall by the window. . . .A close up crop reveals the shadow - not sure if I can account for this figure.  The red light, however, may indicate a subject holding a flashlight.  It may also be an external light such as a traffic light.  The shape of the figure is certainly unusual.This is what a laser grid looks like in pitch darkness.  It makes it very easy to catch anything moving.Again, I wasn't sure about a shadow I saw halfway down the hallway.  It appeared to be peering out of a doorway on the right side, 2 doors down.But, when I zoom in and crop, the figure clearing appears to be standing behind the 2nd door looking out at us.
For more information, history and details:

In all of her many years as a paranormal investigator, rarely had Sandra been as excited as she was prowling the dark, dank corridors of the long-abandoned Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum. In particular, she was intrigued by the anecdotes about a spirit that was said to haunt the institution: that of Lilly, a little ghost who stole sweets.

Lilly, so the story went, was the name given to a child born to an inmate in 1863. Her mother, Gladys Ravensfield, was an unfortunate casualty of the Civil War. Abandoned by her husband, Gladys was accosted in her home by a passing pack of soldiers who unleashed their pent-up rage and lusts upon her again and again. Madness was her only refuge from the unspeakable assault. And so she found herself in the asylum, where, as her belly swelled with the fruit of some unknown soldier's seed, she rocked in wide-eyed silence, blinded by rushing visions of murder upon that pack of men.

When Lilly was born, she was quickly taken by the hospital staff, but the child survived only a few hours.

What fascinated Sandra about the story is that the ghost often reported was that of a little girl, not a newborn infant. It was as if Lilly's spirit had grown to age three, then stopped at that age to forever haunt the hospital. Other ghost hunters testified that Lilly seems to like sweets. Whenever they heard her echoed giggles or sensed her presence, they would discover that candy bars and other sweet snacks would mysteriously go missing.

As Sandra sat alone in the dark stillness of Gladys Ravensfield's room, she stared intently at the candy she brought for Lilly and had placed on an old table. But they remained untouched. She thought she heard a fleeting giggle. An hour passed, perhaps two. Sandra began to slowly rock back and forth as visions of blood, violence and murder rushed through her mind. Her thoughts! She wanted desperately to act them out. Sandra's mind was no longer her own. It was as if every drop of sweetness had been stolen from her .  .  .  . 

The personalities behind the hunt:

Nightvision:  It is difficult to hear, but I heard a brief scraping sound come from my left.  When I panned the camera, I noticed the chair.  Inconclusive, but I'm certain the sound was the chair.