Heater where collecting rods are prepared for gathering.  The gathering furnace.  Contains 250 gls of molten glass.  The glory hole where glass is reheated and blasted to infuse color applications and keep to workable temp.Cherry wood mold sits in water to prevent burning while shaping the glass in a variety of shapes.
The three furnaces  burn at 2300 F, thus making them and the room like a visit to Hell.  The gathering furnace contained 250 gallons of molten glass and is running 24/7/365. 

Technique, gravity, focus and purpose are the most imprortant aspects to making a piece work.  My pieces are currently in another furnace during the final steps and I will have pics of them soon. 

Glass is an interesting material to work with to say the least.  And very tricky.  I have more admiration for the artisans and glassblowers now than ever.  More to come. . . .

Special Thanks to the staff at Prodigy Glassworks and Peter Patterson Glassworks for their skill and patience.