Empty eyeBlue ScreamHappy GhoulSimple GhoulSleeping GhoulMaster GhoulToothy GhoulLemon HeadSpirits AboundRed GhoulBlue PrisonVampireVampire EyeBump in the NightRed ScreamVillage IdiotSleep HelmetIndifferentMishapen GhoulPleased To Meet YouToo Many ProblemsSpace GhoulPurple GhoulRabbit HoleDemonEye SpinBlue DemonSnubI Spy With My Little EyeTwisted GhoulMind Wide ShutShotgun BlastRainbow ScreamPlasma ScreamCrazy For YouChinese Head SpinGreen HatredEye SpinJabbaMan In The MoonStalactites and StalagmitesLava DemonSwirl DemonRed DefeatTile Mirror PrisonInsane ScreamMonty Python HeadIris SpinIce Demon
The images in the gallery below are the result of a great deal of playtime with Paint.NET. 
The photos below are in no way a sign of mental illness, dementia, or sociopathic tendencies - they are only some fun with some photo apps